Meet the Artists: Justine Hawksworth

Auckland’s Justine Hawksworth has been creating her most recent works on wooden board and even vintage oars. The backdrop for each piece is an old marine map showing a part of the New Zealand coastline, overlaid with intricate imagery that Justine paints with amazingly fine detail, each one taking many many hours of quiet focus to complete. A collection of these seriously beautiful paintings have been produced as art prints for endemicworld – so you can have an affordable rendition of the original artwork on your walls. Yes please! We had a chat to Justine and a wee look around her studio…

NZ Artist Justine Hawksworth_art

Did you always want to be an artist? How did you get to this point? What has been the career and life journey to this point?
I always loved drawing and making things as a kid. I took art at school and had a great college art teacher who encouraged me to keep taking art and then apply for Art school. I gained a BFA at Elam majoring in Applied Design and then did my years Diploma at Teachers College. I taught Art and Design at Macleans College up until I had my kids. When the kids were little I tried to paint while they were asleep, and as they have got older its become a more full-time thing.

artwork by NZ artist Justine Hawksworth

One of Justine’s superbly intricate artworks, combining the writings and imagery of a historical explorer with the femininity of lace, all painted on a vintage oar.


More of Justine’s oar artworks. She also uses aged copper (see gannet oar at top) and other mediums in various pieces.

What other creative projects have you worked on that endemicworld fans may not have seen?
I have another side business that I have started with a friend – The Bach Book – is a journal for recording the history etc of your kiwi bach, that we designed while on holiday over a couple of glasses of wine! This has now spread into a range of stationery items – visitors books, journals and cards.


The Bach Book – awesome gift idea for the true-blue-bach-loving kiwi!

NZ Artist Justine Hawksworth_Studio

Justine’s produced her own line of notebooks, cards, coasters and other gifts from her artworks (available here)


Intricate paintings on rocks – love these

New Zealand seems to be a real muse for you. What is your favourite spot in the whole country?
NZ is a real inspiration – particularly our love of the kiwi bach and all the memories they create for us. We have a family bach in Whanarua Bay on the East Cape. It’s a mission of a drive from Auckland – 6hrs! – but so worth it when you arrive!! Gorgeous views, great fishing and sea life, beautiful bush and birds. The bach is a no frills classic with no cell phone coverage or TV so very peaceful!

Beside art/illustration, what else do you love to do?
I love to go fishing but I suffer from sea sickness which slacks me off!

What are some of the fave things you have on your own walls at home?
A huge and very cool underwater photo by my niece Jenna Smith, an old whaling oar that we found washed up on the beach, and a turquoise ‘kina’ sculpture made from cable ties by Andi Regan.

NZ Artist Justine Hawksworth_Studio 3

NZ Artist Justine Hawksworth_Studio 2

Scenes from Justine’s home studio

What words of advice would you give to someone wanting to make art their career?
Don’t be afraid to start small and to ask advice – you’ll be amazed at what you can learn from another artist!

You’re drawing and you’re totally in the flow – Where are you? Describe the scene…
Most drawing for me happens at my studio table – generally I’m on my own with just the sound of the washing machine or the dishwasher keeping me company! But if I am in need of music – U2 live at Slane Castle or a bit of Ella Fitzgerald. Sipping? – probably just water but I would prefer it to be a large glass of Shiraz – possibly not a good idea at 10am!!

Justine Hawksworth_Artist

Who would you love to create a piece of work for (or where would you love to see your work)?

I still get a real buzz out of selling a painting and its always been a goal for me for my prints and paintings to stay affordable so that lots of people can own them. I’d love to be asked by a winery to use an image as a wine label – I’d even take wine as payment!!



Two of the Justine Hawksworth NZ art prints we have available over at endemicworld – Bay of Islands, and Taupo Tui



Close up of some of the delicious detail in Justine’s work.

See the full range of Justine Hawksworth art prints here


Original Calligraphy art by Kate Hursthouse

A wee while back on the blog we interviewed architect and calligrapher, Kate Hursthouse.

When Kate dropped in to show us her collection of typographic works we fell in love with her original calligraphy piece, Realise. After we wiped up our drool we took some shots.

Would love to see this one floated in a box frame…

Kate Hursthouse Realise hero shot

Kate Hursthouse calligraphy signature

Kate Hursthouse calligraphy detail shot

Kate Hursthouse calligraphy deckled edge

Kate Hursthouse calligraphy hero image

View more of Kate’s work online at endemicworld.


Meet the Artists: Yhodie Hendra Zaldi of Yhodie Design

Born in Indonesia and now calling New Zealand home, Yhodie Hendra Zaldi recently graduated from Yoobee School of Design. As he works on growing his career as a freelance designer, he explores his craft and style through a series of graphic art prints under the brand name YhoDesign. His most recent collection features wild animals created from hundreds of geometric shapes in graduated colours, giving a faceted, almost 3D appearance to the prints. 


A self-portrait of Yhodie (we love how this shows both the process and finished style)

Is art a full-time job for you now, or if not – what is your ‘day job’?
Oh… I wish this was my full time job, but unfortunately no. My daytime job is a fitness instructor, but mostly I do freelance jobs as a graphic designer. Hopefully one day, I will be able to pay all the bills with my art, hehehehehe.

You graduated from Yoobee School of Design – what was one of the most important things you learned about creativity during your time there?
The most important thing was pushing myself more every project and never being satisfied with the first result. (We also explored our own style by seeing other artist’s works… which helped me to see some great artists out there.)

Fox framed art print on wall

Framed art print by YhoDesign

YhoDesign art print framed

New art prints by YhoDesign (Yhodie Photoshops his finished art prints to mock up how they might look in situ)

Can you tell us a little bit about your process – how do you go about creating your awesome faceted artworks?
The process is from Photoshop by tweaking the images; colour, brightness etc…then I transfer them into Illustrator and start to work on the reference image. After it’s finished, I push it back into Photoshop to add some texture or background – depending on how I feel really, sometimes it’s finished in Illustrator, sometimes in Photoshop. (See below for more details…)


These ‘in-progress’ and ‘almost completed’ versions of a new art print show the design process. Often working from a reference photograph, Yhodie first turns the animal form into hundreds of geometric shapes of various sizes, that are then individually coloured (in graduating shades), to create the illusion of shadow and contour. After painstakingly creating each animal, Yhodie will often bring the finished flat vector artwork into Photoshop to add textures or background, etc.

Tell us about a few creatives/designer you are personally inspired by?
I really like Gareth Pugh (fashion designer ), I know he is not a graphic designer or illustrator but I get lots of inspiration from his work. When it comes to illustrators, I’m inspired by (Indonesian artist) Wedha Abdul Rasyid, designer Andreas Preis, and Andy Westface. They all have different influences on my art.


Illustrations by Andy Westface and Andreas Peis, two of the artists who inspire Yhodie

You’re creating and you’re totally in the flow – Where are you? Who is with you? What are you listening to?
I work by myself in my room (I call it my studio, which is just in the corner of my bedroom). When I am working, I listen to all sorts of music, from hip-hop, RnB or even classical, depending on my mood and what I am working on.. If I am drawing it’s mostly classical, if I’m making my faceted art it’s mostly hip-hop or RnB!


Yhodie loves his adopted home of NZ and it inspires much of his art. These two prints are available (framed or unframed, in various sizes) over on


Tell us about your creative space/office – what’s in it, what things you do love to have around you as you create?
LOTS OF BUNNIES….Yes I have bunny everywhere in my studio also some of my arts hanging and COLOUR CHART, they are handy to have in front of me and of course flowers or terrarium..I made them and I love it as its make it more nature look.


A new art print Yhodie is currently working on; a dedicated creative space in his bedroom

Shop all YhoDesign art prints here >


Print Pairs: Accentuated Art

We are all for styling here at endemicworld. Hell, we’re all guilty of going a bit batty in search of  ’the perfect cushion’ (come on ladies, I’m sure everyone can admit to this one) or over cute pot plants or nick nacks. But its time we let the art speak! Here are some neutral interior art print pairs, where the art totally makes the room.

Ascent Art print by Duett Design


This bedroom, including the colour palette and simple styling is perfect for anyone who leads a busy week. No fuss and refreshing, just like the Ascent art print by Duett Design chosen to match.


Voyage art print by Inaluxe

image: Design Milk

Inaluxe have just released 6 more colourful designs, including the Voyage art print. We swear this Aussie pair never get it wrong! Imagine a couple of these printed large and hung in the classy, comfortable lounge above.


Little Bay Photographic print by Jenna Smith


Large landscape and seascape photographs are trending hard at the moment. They are perfect in the lounge or bedroom where we relax and escape. Let your mind wander away from your daily life with Little Bay limited edition photographic art print by Jenna Smith.

To view more art prints by any of our artists, visit the endemic website, or pop into our store at 62 Ponsonby Road.



Three, two, one: Mini Q&A with artist Kriselle Poy

Wellington based Kriselle Poy’s art prints are in the fresh produce isle here at endemicworld. Explosive colour combines with delicate watercolour patterns to create her refreshing, uplifting designs.

We’ve asked Kriselle a few questions about her practice as an introduction to you all.

Kriselle Poy Art prints endemicworld


What are three words that describe your artistic practice or the way you work?

Experimental yet considered, intuitive

Blue Fireworks Art Prints by Kriselle Poy

Blue Fireworks art print by Kriselle Poy

Two things that most influence your style/subject matter are…

To me really the simplest of things like textures and patterns in our everyday life are the starting points for any work. You can get ideas from anywhere if you are open to it. One day I might like a certain kind of flower, the next day I might be into geometric shapes, then the next I might want to try a new watercolour technique and so it’s always changing. I just like to be really open minded.

Midnight Bloom Art print by Kriselle Poy

Midnight Bloom art print by Kriselle Poy

Do you have one favourite quote which you live by?

There’s this quote which is more like a saying, “Never lose your childlike sense of wonder”.

Fireworks Art print by Kriselle Poy

Fireworks art print by Kriselle Poy


View all of Kriselle’s art prints online.


Walter Hansen: Tieke Tour ‘North Taranga’ Edition screen print

Presenting, the Tieke Tour ‘North Taranga’ edition screenprint by Walter Hansen.

Walter Hansen is a Wellington based designer, whose designs are meticulously printed and presented on carefully chosen paper stocks. Each print is signed, numbered and hand embossed; the printing method and materials become integrated into the design process.

Since the beginning, endemicworld has been enthralled by Walter’s intelligent kiwi designs.

View more of Walter’s screenprints here.

Walter Hansen Tieke Red Screenprint hero

Walter Hansen Tieke Red Screenprint signature

Walter Hansen Tieke Red Screenprint embossed

Walter Hansen Tieke Red Screenprint Lightbox

Photography by Jenna Smith


Meet the Artists: Kate Hursthouse

Not to play faves, but this has got to be one of the most inspiring interviews we’ve done in a while! Artist and calligrapher (and qualified architect!) Kate Hursthouse shares how it’s never too late to follow your passion… How about we let Kate introduce herself?

Kate-Hursthouse-NZ-print artist

Did you always want to be an artist? What has been the career and life journey to this point?
I think I was always meant to be an artist, I just had a bit of a convoluted route getting here. In high school I spent all my spare time in the art department drawing and painting but somehow a careers councillor convinced me that I should pursue architecture school over art college. I am still not quite sure how that happened, probably the usual “an arts degree won’t make you any money” spiel.

I spent the best part of 10 years studying to be, and then practicing as, an architect in both New Zealand and Australia. I worked on a whole range of projects, the most fun being new schools where I got to play with a lot of colour and graphics. As much as I liked being an architect I didn’t love it, I think a couple of years went by where I barely picked up a pencil. After taking a couple of short courses in art and illustration and picking up a few small freelance projects I realised just how much I missed it and how much I loved it. It wasn’t too long after that I made the decision to take an early retirement from architecture and go to design school in Melbourne.

After finishing design school in Melbourne I made the move back to New Zealand. I have been based in Auckland for the last 2 years and have been freelancing full-time for the last 6 months. Now I use pen, pencils, ink, brushes and create everyday, I feel I have come full circle to my days in the art department in high school. It only took 10 years!

Kate-Hursthouse-at her studio desk

art studio Kate-Hursthouse

NZ Artist Kate-Hursthouse

Kate at work in her home studio; supplies at her fingertips

What are you working on right now?
I have quite a variety of client work on at the moment from branding and custom illustrations to the design of a vodka bottle. The range of jobs keeps things interesting.

I am also working on some new personal projects and artworks. I think the projects that I am experimenting with now are some of the most interesting I have done. I am focussing on calligraphic and lettering based works and am looking at working on different textures and with different materials. I have been experimenting with gestural calligraphy since doing a workshop in Italy last year and am prepping some pieces for an upcoming exhibition with the New Zealand calligraphers.

Kate-Hursthouse-ink calligraphy


Kate’s exquisite calligraphy, work for an upcoming exhibition

Fave music to create by?
I am a big Spotify fan, I like to create playlists by the seasons that reflect what I am enjoying at the time. I am still hanging onto summer so favourites artists from that playlist that I am still listening too include Carmada, Klingande, Kygo, Alex Adair, Jamie XX and Kid Koala.
What are some of the fave things you have on your own walls at home?
A limited edition screenprinted poster from a gig I went to at Red Rocks in Colorado, USA. It was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros with the Alabama Shakes, it has the date of the gig as part of the design so when I look at it I always remember that experience.

An ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed artwork by kiwi artist Veronica Green who I spent some time with in Venice last year where she how lives and works fulltime as an artist.

A print by Melbourne illustrator Renee Carmody which has all these key icons of Melbourne and reminds me of the 4 years I spent living there.

art prints on wall
Some of Kate’s fave artworks – a piece by fellow NZ artist Veronica Green (left), a Melbourne-city inspired print that reminds Kate of her years spent there

What has been your most exciting/inspiring project to date?
I have been lucky to work with artist Michel Tuffery over the last 6 months on the design of a bottle for a new Samoan coconut vodka called Koko Aulo.

Michel produced the artwork and I have undertaken the branding and bottle design. We recently went to Samoa with our client and I was able to experience first hand where the produce comes from and discover all the amazing hand painted lettering there is in Samoa, on their buildings, signs and public buses.
Tell us about a few creatives/designer you are personally inspired by?
Everyone on my Instagram feed!! There are so many talented people out there, it is both inspiring and overwhelming at times.

Inspiration comes at me in all shapes and forms. I get a huge amount of inspiration from friends and colleagues in the industry who are doing their own thing, pushing boundaries, carving their own path and producing really great work.

In the calligraphy world I cannot get enough of Luca Barcellona, Niels Shoe Muelman and Pokras Lampas who just produce the most ridiculously beautiful work that is a mix of traditional and contemporary techniques.

Kate-Hursthouse-artwork close-up

art pens

artist supplies

More of Kate’s work close up; tools of the trade

What would be a dream collab/project you’d love to do?
A group exhibition with other artists I admire and respect. I would love to get a group together, who operate in different mediums and have different strengths, and assign a common theme to the exhibition. I think it would yield some really unexpected and exciting results.

What words of advice would you give to someone wanting to make art their career?
Some of the best advice I was given was to do work everyday and put it out in front of people. No one will ever discover you sitting in your studio.

A quote I like to live by is: “Do what you love, and don’t stop until you get what you love. Work as hard as you can, imagine immensities, don’t compromise, and don’t waste time. Start now. Not 20 years from now, not two weeks from now. Now.” – Debbie Millman

Follow Kate and her exceptional aesthetic on Instagram or Twitter or visit


Shop Kate Hursthouse art prints (framed and unframed) here >



Bespoke Framing: Protect your prints

Our endemicworld pre- made framing option is easy peasy and no fuss, especially for those last minute gifts. However, for anyone purchasing an original work or art print which is limited edition or has special embellishment, we always recommend bespoke framing as an option.

As mentioned in our previous post about the importance of custom framing your art prints, keeping a space between the glass and the paper with a mat or set back frame increases the life of your print. Custom framing also allows you to increase the apparent size of the work and compliments the individual piece.

Check out the examples below of some of our latest bespoke framing work.


The Nudes by Inaluxe framed

The Nudes by Inaluxe framed

The Nudes Art Print by Inaluxe

The Nudes Art Print by Inaluxe Framed

The Nudes art print by Inaluxe in A2. Framed in Raw oak, set back.

$420 Framed or $160 Unframed

Australian raw oak varies slightly in grain and colour giving your print total individuality. It suits all genres or styles of work including illustration and photography.

Margaret Petchell Galileo seagull art print

Margaret Petchell Galileo seagull art print framed

Margaret Petchell Galileo seagull art print framed

Margaret Petchell Galileo seagull art print framed

Gallileo Limited edition art print by Margaret Petchell. Framed in a white box frame with cream mat.

$475 Framed or $295 unframed

A cream mat compliments the earthy tones of a print such as Galileo by Margaret Petchell. The crisp white box frame keeps with a fresh and modern style.


For more art prints and frames check out or visit us in store to view more bespoke framing options