The Art of Display – Ideas for Unframed Prints

Eh – who says your art prints have to be framed? Sometimes, a more casual style looks even better than framing, and it certainly helps the wallet situation. Here’s a few easy ideas to display your unframed art prints…


Copper Nails

Copper Nails

Copper is super on-trend, and a set of copper nails is an affordable find at any hardware store (we’ve seen them in Bunnings and Mitre 10 Mega stores here in NZ). Hammer one in each corner of the print to make a real feature of the copper, or try just one nail in the top centre if you prefer a minimal approach (or if you’re displaying a few prints together).

Brass Clip


We’ve all seen prints hung by regular old bulldog clips, and that’s awesome and everything… but hello, brass. Brass is having a moment in interiors, and we think your art print deserves a little luxe. We’d hang one above our bedside table.

Washi Tape Frames


Create your own frame! Washi Tape is great because, if you’re careful, you can easily peel it off the wall (and your art print) without any trace it was ever there. Which also means you can change up the look as the mood strikes – four short diagonal pieces on each corner for a loose look, a perfect rectangle frame around your print, or maybe cut the tape into thinner strips and create wall art which forms part of an overall piece. Whether you’re into pastels, neon brights, awesomely-clashing patterns (print-on-print), luxe metallic or simple bold black, you’ll find the washi tape to suit.

Not Pin – Pon



We are obsessed with these new no-puncture push pins (called Pons!). Invented by a clever young American guy, who raised enough funding on Kickstarter to put Pon into production! You can now pre-order packs of Pon online.

Prints on Ply


Grab a sheet of ply, some favourite art prints and other printed material (wrapping paper you love, a fave photo or two, etc) and arrange awesomely. Done! A modern moodboard that you can move around your room or easily take to your new flat.

Magnetic Gallery Wall

art on a wall

Paint a wall with magnetic paint, and fix your art prints to it with tiny magnets.




Happy Easter from the endemic team!

Elliot, Sam and Jenna at endemicworld wish you all a happy Easter, and a relaxing long weekend filled with all the chocolate in the whole world.

To celebrate, here’s a collection of bunny prints from our artists, available online at


Butterfly bunny art print by Olivia Bezett

Butterfly Bunny art print by Olivia Bezett

Grey bunny art print by yhodesign

Grey Bunny art print by Yhodesign

Creased critter art print by Glenn Jones

Creased Critter art print by Glenn Jones

Ambrose art print by Margaret Petchell

Ambrose art print by Margaret Petchell

A very smart bunny pink art print by pencil and hammer

A Very Smart Bunny pink art print by Pencil and Hammer



If you’re looking at dropping in to see us in the real this weekend, we are open Saturday:

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday: 10am – 3pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Monday: CLOSED

Happy Easter guys!!!


Print Pairs: Bold and beautiful

Autumn is fast approaching (and the leaves are a- falling), and with change of season comes a change in trends. Before we head into winter we thought it was time to throw some colour into the mix and give black and white a wee rest. Below are a collection of bold and strikingly colourful interiors and as usual, some fab prints to go with!

Seahorsing around art print livingroom


Ohhh my, this is one stunning living room. A mish- mash of vintage, retro, bohemian and scandi styles keep it fun and personal. Not to mention the cute, simple hanging system for tea towels or art prints; hunt down some coloured push- pins that match or contrast the artwork.

The Seahorsing Around art print by MakusArt would slot in anywhere amongst all the little treasures in this living room.

Do I spy two Swiden cushions on the couch? You can also snatch these designs up in print form here if the plush version isn’t for you.

Laura O'Connor Emerald art print office


This refurbished office space looks more like a cosy lounge room to us. Who wouldn’t want to do business here?

Liven up your own workspace with miss-match frames and lush velvety textures to make your clients feel at ease; these elements give the room a more informal, cruisy vibe yet still feel classy and classic.

Laura O’Connor‘s Emerald art print combines all of these elements and adds some edge to the space.

Mexico art print by Keryn Sweeney boho livingroom


The clever display of artwork really stands out in this chilled, bohemian space. Coloured and bejewelled frames don’t have to look so 90′s; group heaps of smaller pictures together in colourful frames to create one large artwork. Perfect for collections of travel photos and polaroids.

Haven’t been anywhere cool lately? Photographer Keryn Sweeney has, and we’ve chosen her Mexico print to match the worldly feel of this room.

Check out the way they’ve utilised the empty fireplace to display a print. Cute!

Want to find some prints that match your own space? Visit us online at or in store at 62 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.



Meet the Artists – Jeremy Senior

Award-winning Auckland-based photographer Jeremy Senior captures NZ nature and landscapes in a way few others would ever think to – his work has a dream-like, almost meditative quality to it; a sense of timelessness and spaciousness. Using long exposure techniques, and presenting his subjects in characteristic black & white or beautifully muted colours, Jeremy creates minimalist fine art prints that add a sophisticated, calming aesthetic to any space.  

Jeremy Senior NZ Photographer

NZ photographer Jeremy Senior

Is photography full-time job for you? If so, what was your journey to becoming a professional photographer / or if not – what is your ‘day job’?
My photography is heading towards being full-time. I’ve always had other work to support my photography passion, but in the last year I’ve been able to spend more time in photography which is great! It takes a while and a lot of hard work to get established. I’ve always been creative and hands on when it comes to work that I’m good at and enjoy, so my ‘other day job’ has been in the construction industry as a contract fencer for new housing subdivisions. I love being outside!

Jeremy Senior photographing water

Jeremy Senior photographer nz

Jeremy at work in his ‘outdoor office’!

Tell us about a few creatives/designer you are personally inspired by? Who would you love to work with?
There are a lot of photographers that I admire. I love to look online at sites like flickr and I’m always coming across people and work that I would’ve never know about unless I looked! There are two photographers that really inspire me that I have followed for a long time, two guys from Canada, Michael Levin and David Burdeney. They have both become very successful at what they do and I’m always inspired by any new work they do. Both produce beautiful work and are masters of using light in a very soft way.

What are you working on right now?
When I started my landscape/seascape photography my focus was on black and white and most of my images in my portfolio are in this style. After 3 years of working like this I have decided to look at colour. My latest work has been exploring colour, some images are new and other images have come from shots taken over the last couple of years. I always keep every shot I have taken and once in a while I like to look back over my archive and revisit shots that might not have grabbed my attention initially. I have found that a lot of images suit colour rather than black and white.

Jeremy Senior photographic print on computer

Jeremy Senior art print

Jeremy re-touching his work; the almost meditative Cathedral Cove print

What are some of the fave things you have on your own walls at home?
My wife is my biggest fan and she likes to have my work on our walls! I’m not going to blow my trumpet but we do have some large framed prints of my up and they do look great! We lived overseas for 4 years and we travelled a lot and brought back a few artworks which we love. One is a water colour of a Paris cafe scene and another print we love is a black and white etching of a village in the Cinque Terre, Italy.

Jemery Senior framed print on wall

One of Jeremy’s dream-like photographic prints on a wall in his home

What would be a dream collab/project you’d love to do?
A dream project for me which I always think about is to publish my work. I would love to one day have my work printed in a beautiful high quality book.

When are you at your most creative?
I would say I’m at my most creative when I’m outside amongst nature. I love to think and process things and I find that when I’m outside in a quiet place looking at nature, especially scenes that I want to photograph, I get excited and thats when my creative juices start to flow.


Clockwise from top left: Lion Rock photographic print; Cloud City (Auckland skyline) framed print; Watch Tower print; Cathedral Cove photographic art print.

See all photographic art prints by Jeremy Senior here




Free Printable Endemicworld Designs

The stormy weather this week has prompted us to brighten your day, so we’ve designed some FREE downloadable art prints for y’all. Go forth and do with them what you will!

Click on the links below each design to download the corresponding image.

Free Endemicworld Art Prints insitu

Potted plants by our friends at Bioattic.

Modernist free art print 1

Throw Back to the Eighties! Download me here.

Modernist art print 2

Totes geometric. Download me here.

To view all of our art prints online, visit our website.



Geometric art prints by Yhodesign

Yhodesign is the creative brand of graphic designer and cool- guy, Yhodie Hendra Zaldi. We spotted Yhodie’s work when he started using our artist services, and couldn’t resist working with him and his prints.

Born in Indonesia and recently graduating from Yoobee School of Design, Yhodie now lives and works here in Auckland, NZ.

Yhodie’s approach to design is bold and graphic, colour and geometric shape are cleverly used to create the animal forms in his designs.

Pair any Yhodesign art print with with sharp black accessories and loud blocks of colour to complete the look. Perfect for the living room or entrance way.

Yhodesign Tiger Art Print

Tiger framed art print by Yhodesign

Yhodesign finch art print

Gouldian Finch art print by Yhodesign

 Auckland yhodesign art print

Auckland art print by Yhodesign

Yhodesign Pukekohe art print

Pukekohe art print by Yhodesign

View all Yhodesign geometric art prints. They are available in 3 sizes, framed or unframed.



Meet the Artists – Natasha Vermeulen

We’ve had a soft spot for the beautiful Natasha Vermeulen ever since we were lucky enough to work in the same studio space as her. This modest master of illustration is now back in NZ after living abroad, working as a freelance designer and – lucky for us –  creating art prints for endemicworld. With techniques to burn, Nat’s style  - from feminine sketches, to stylised typographic prints, to bold cartoon-style illos – is as varied as her skill.

NZ Print Artist_Natasha Vermeulen

NZ designer and illustrator Natasha Vermeulen

Is your art a full-time job for you now, or if not – what is your ‘day job’?
Personal illustration and art projects are definitely part time at the moment.
I work as graphic designer and illustrator by day, with my own clients or contracting to studios in Auckland.

You’re drawing and you’re totally in the flow – Where are you? Who is with you? What are you listening to, what are you sipping/nibbling on?
If I’m in a conceptual phase: A favourite cafe; alone; cafe noises; coffee.
Or if it’s late at night: Home studio; alone; listening to Spotify (some indie station no doubt) or a movie/audiobook; eating candy.
It’s definitely easier for me to get into the zone by not talking to anyone when I’m drawing, but I do love to hear a good story at the same time.

Artist_Natasha Vermeulen_Cafe

Nat sketching at one of her fave Auckland city coffee spots 

Tell us about a few creatives/designer you are personally inspired by?
At the moment I seem to have a thing for monochromatic, tactile design. Loving the work of tattoo artist Victor Webster, and the jewellery and brand of Walter Crow. Also, the hand painted letters and icons by BMD Design in France is amazing. I’m also a bit obsessed with the awkward cartoons of Oohlala, a Korean Stationery brand.

Artist Studio_Natasha Vermeulen

NZ artist_Natasha Vermeulen_home

Scenes from Natasha’s home and cool home-studio; the cat king himself (cat company is the best kind).

What’s the most exciting/inspiring project you’ve ever worked on?

A while back I got to work on a video interviewing the guys from Cut Collective. Getting to visit their studio and see the guys working on personal and commercial art, and in a style they enjoy, set a good precedent for how I wanted to move forward in my work. It was also the first time I worked in a video medium with a delicious camera lens, which opened up a whole new world to me.

Beside art/illustration, what else do you love to do?
I don’t think I could be happy without music. The happiest moments for me are drawing or being at a gig. Perhaps it’s because they both require me to be completely present, so I get to really enjoy being in the moment and not thinking about anything else. I also quite like cycling and rock climbing, and will hopefully get back into both this year (recovering from a bad back injury).

NZ Artist Studio_Natasha Vermeulen

Art supplies

Natasha Vermeulen_desk details

Supplies and creative eye-candy; a work-in-progress

What words of advice would you give to someone wanting to make art their career?
Haha I’m not quite there yet, so that’s difficult to say. I’m still enjoying graphic design projects and working with clients, so perhaps I’m not quite willing to give that up completely to pursue a life of art.

Art and illustration projects on the side do tend to influence my design work, so in that sense I would say keep doing what you love and putting it out there.

Also, one of the benefits of NZ being so small is that it’s quite easy to meet people and find work in our creative communities. Go to gallery shows, join creative groups, volunteer for charity art projects and you never know what kind of work could follow.


SOS shark Art Print - by Natasha Vermeulen

Special edition art print Natasha created to fundraise for a campaign against shark finning (more info and purchase here)


Top row: Endless Summer - huge A0 print on wood, They See Me Rollin’ art print; Purple Bike art print
Bottom row: Schutzengraben art print; Bear and Beer art print; the popular Ka Pai art print

Shop our selection of Natasha Vermeulen art prints available over at endemicworld…




Print Pairs: Bright and White

Sigh, the modern life is a hectic beast. It can therefore be helpful if our home and workspaces are places of clarity.

Clear out the clutter, strip back the surfaces and make a statement with a crisp white interior (our favourite tool in giving art the spotlight it deserves here at endemicworld). This week we’ve chosen 3 different spaces where white makes an impact, and as always, charming art prints to go with them.

Living room and hare art print

A bit of country charm never goes astray, and it’s safe to say that with stores such as Father Rabbit making it all too easy, we have no excuse but to pull off the style perfectly. This room could easily translate into a Villa or any older home with character.

A signed and numbered Clive limited edition art print by Margaret Petchell is also seriously made for this kinda thing… ‘hop’ to it!


kate hursthouse alphabet art print and interior

Kate Hursthouse is one our newest local artists creating stunning calligraphy and typographic work. Her Calligraphy Alphabet art print could work at any size as a statement or detail piece, but we’ve imagined it could sit in this space as a smaller A4 size print.

No need for hanging, just get the art print framed in a thick box frame and stand it up in amongst your other belongings on a shelf or window sill.

With her background in architecture and love of words, the precise nature of Kate’s work would compliment a simple and clean display such as this one.


Geroge Sand Studio philodendron living room pair

Loving this couch(I distinctly remember seeing one very similar in Bo Concept Store…). Again, white and grey are the perfect platform for giving your artwork space to breathe and make an impact.

The Philodendron Art Print by Carmel at George Sand Studio would lift the mood of this room. You don’t even have to have a green thumb to have leaves in your home!